Fall is here and that means the cold, windy, wet, winter weather is just around the corner.

Does this weather pose a challenge for your children’s beautiful hair? I’m most certain it does.

Colder temperatures dry the scalp and cause brittle hair. What’s the solution? A fresh braid style from Greezie KidStyles of course.

Greezie KidStyles Salon, specializes in natural hairstyles that are designed to last.
Yes, durable hairstyles. Here, we mastered a braiding technique that has ultimate durability, and easily able to withstand the harsh winter weather.

5 Cold Weather Hair Tips for your Child’s Braided Hair:

1. To prevent dehydrating, avoid leaving the house with wet hair.
2. Braid it up. One of the best protective methods for natural hair.
3. While braided, maintain a hydrated scalp by oiling the parts often and drinking plenty of water.
4. Keep the hair detangled. When unbraiding, consider using a detangling moisturizer on each braid.
5. Cover up the hair with silk bonnets and hats to prevent breakage.

Hit me up and let’s discuss a braid style that will be perfect for your child. Imagine your child’s hair braided, with nothing left for you to do but the few steps above.