Who does hair on a Friday night? We do that’s who. Greezie Kid Styles salon that’s who.

Friday nights are special. It’s the end of the week and a productive Friday night can set you up for a great weekend. Now imagine if doing your daughter’s hair is on your “to do” list for Friday night.

Moms, how familiar does this story sound to you?

Mom: Ava Love, it’s time to get your hair done…

Ava Love: No mommy, not tonight.

Mom: We have a busy weekend and I don’t want to be doing your hair all weekend.  Let me get it done tonight.

Ava LoveCan you just brush it and I wear a bushy ball, mommy please?

MomI will still have to do it every day.  Come on, It’s time to wash it. 

Ava LoveCrying….during the entire wash…. screaming no mommy no, it hurts!

Not only can this take up your entire Friday, it can end up being a weekend project. Raise your hand if you want to spend the entire weekend doing hair. No volunteers? See, that’s where Greezie KidStyles steps up for you.

Now imagine this:

MomAva Love, you have a hair appointment with Greezie KidStyles tonight.

Ava LoveYeah mommy, can Greezie wash my hair?

MomSure!  And while you are there I’m going to go and pick up a birthday gift for the party.

Ava LoveOk mom, I want cornrows with pink beads.

Mom: No worries, just let Greezie know.

It’s that simple. You drop your child off at the best kid friendly salon in Suitland, Md. while you go run some errands. You return in a few short hours to pick up your prince or princess with their hair done and a smile on their face.

We have Friday openings available. Book now.